Nico Lazaridi

Château Nico Lazaridi Winery An innovative winery made to produce exceptional wines, built into the main vineyard and fully adjusted to the natural environment. A modern facility that safeguards and develops the quality characteristics of carefully selected grapes.

Mackedon Winery It is built in the heart of the vineyard area of Pieria valley, at the hillside of mount Pangeo, where Dionysus was raised. The art of making wines of high quality standards and modern technology are perfectly matched in this winery.

Vineyards The vineyards are located in two of the most well- known wine-growing areas of northern Greece and particularly in Drama-between the villages of Agora, Pigadia and Adriani, and Kavala – in Platanotopos at Pieria Valley on the hillside of mount Pangeo.

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